Fiction by jackwabbit
Gen Fic

A Game to Remember – Sometimes healing happens in the oddest places.

A Literary Surprise – What does Teal’c like to read, anyway?

A Little Help – Jack gets home with a little help

A Slice of Normalcy – Normalcy is hard to find when you’re back from the dead… (SG-1 & SGA)

Adrenaline – Sam POV vignette: What happens when the adrenaline wears off?

Advent Calendar 2007

Candles of Remembrance – Jeannie learns some things about her brother. This story can serve as a prequel to my series “Madison’s Moments”. (SGA)

Spring – Laira comes through the winter.

Snowflakes and Snowmen – Sam decides that Jack just might be right after all—at least about this.

A Holly Jolly Bit of Hell – Jack’s in Hell, but he manages to find a bit of home

A Day of Sledding – Jack and Teal’c share a day of fun

Three Wise Men – Sam’s proves she’s still got it. (SGA)

Angels Among Us – Daniel has never forgotten a special Christmas Eve

Scottish Surprise – Rodney’s gluttony earns him an unexpected surprise (SGA)

Here We Come A’Caroling – A meal off world brings SG-1 home in a jolly mood.

Tinsel – Daniel gets some unexpected help with his Christmas tree… and himself.

A Letter to Santa – Jack tells Santa what he really wants for Christmas—not what you think!

Sweet Tooth – Jack gets himself in trouble. Daniel helps him out. But at what price?

Secret Santa – Daniel finds the perfect gift for the gift exchange.

Mistletoe Moment – A moment of introspection for Jack. (Again, not what you think!)

Elfin Magic – There’s still a bit of holiday magic left for Jack O’Neill after all.

Bait and Switch – Jack has a little fun at Daniel’s expense.

Playing Santa – Pete has a Christmas revelation about his two best friends. (MacGyver)

Lost in Translation – A cultural misunderstanding leads to some fun for SG-1.

Guardian Angel – Someone’s watching over Jack O’Neill.

Solitary Dancer – Sometimes you have to get away from it all. (SGA)

Animal Encounters – Jack makes a new friend.

Guiding Light – Sometimes help comes from unexpected places.

Improvisation – Teyla makes do with what she’s got. (SGA)

Dietary Indiscretion – Christmas Eve doesn’t always go down according to plans.

Aftertaste – Some things simply never go away.

All Grown Up – Jack and Sam reflect on the death of Khalek.

An Unexpected Truth – Jack reflects on what he’ll miss most about Daniel. Meridian fic.

And to All a Goa’uld Night – Cassie (and Teal’c) have questions on their first Christmas. Jack has answers. Or does he?

Badge of Honor – Everyone knows that scars have stories. But what does their absence say? (SGA; “Tao of Rodney” tag)

Belonging – Teal’c belongs to two worlds, but fits neither one

Best Christmas Ever – Sometimes things don’t work out like you plan—and that’s okay.

Better Luck Next Time – Hope springs eternal. Or something like that.

Birds of a Feather – When it comes to Colonels, Rodney McKay is an amateur compared to Daniel Jackson. (SG-1 and SGA)

BS – An outsider’s viewpoint on what happened to Wallace in McKay’s lab. He’s not buying Shep’s story, either. (SGA; tag for “Miller’s Crossing”)

Changes – Jack reflects on changes in his archeologist.

Chasm – Teal’c’s wound has never healed

Cloak of Comfort – It’s not Rodney’s time (SGA)

Cold – Jack’s thoughts about Carter’s suggestion in “Frozen”

Come to the Moon – Jack POV from “Paradise Lost”

Command Decisions – SG-1 loses Samantha Carter, and in the process Teal’c has to make a decision that could cost the team much more.

Contraband – Rodney smuggles something back to Atlantis from Earth. (SGA)

Crossing the Line – John knows he’s crossing the line. But does he care? (SGA; tag for “Miller’s Crossing”)

Cutting the Night – Sam has a therapy session

Delayed Reaction – Sam helps Daniel through a rough time. Teal’c helps. “Ripple Effect” tag

An evening out with Samantha Carter, woman, NOT Major Carter, Superhero


Just Desserts


Peppity Bismol Love

Demonic Duo – Jack and Mac find a new challenge (SG-1 & MacGyver)

Deserving – Double drabble, Jack POV, just before the bar fight scene in “Upgrades”; Daniel deserves it.

Details – John’s always had a knack for the little things (SGA)

Digging Up Bones – Jack finds something he wasn’t looking for

Encore – Daniel deals with the events of “Threads” and Jack’s response to them

Time for a Change? – Companion piece to “Encore’”. A deeper look at Jack in “Threads” and afterwards.

Erosion – Teal’c’s final thoughts before giving in to Apophis. After all, he is as ‘human’ as the rest of us.

Eye of the Storm – Daniel must weather the storm.

Family Tree – Can countless strangers be linked by only four lives?

Fanboy – Teal’c asks for a favor from Daniel.

Favorite Scar – Jack has a favorite

Fire – After Janet’s memorial, Daniel is most definitely NOT ok.

Ice – After Janet’s memorial, Daniel is most definitely NOT ok. Sequel to “Fire

First Impression – A lesson learned the hard way is not easily forgotten. (SGA; tag for “Kindred II”)

Flash – Sam sees something in Jack that wasn’t there before

Foothold – Some forces are more insidious than others…

Beachhead – Beachhead, foothold… they are the same… unless you mean that literally. Sequel of sorts to my story “Foothold“.

Foundations – Jack POV vignette; things are not always what they seem. “Desperate Measures” tag.

Full Circle – Burke realizes some things have been missing.

Ghost of Patients Past – An old patient of Carson’s repays a debt. (SGA)

Ghost Runner – To play baseball on a team of one, you use an imaginary person to hold your place on base as you bat again. Such a being is called a ghost runner, and they’re not just for baseball. (SG-1 & SGA)

Good Night, Jack – Jack POV vignette, about 2 weeks after “Shades of Grey”

Gut Feeling – Jack POV post-”Singularity”; Jack realizes his 2IC isn’t so bad, after all.

Hairball – Some things aren’t meant to be swallowed.

Holding On – Reynolds holds on. “Evolution, Part One” vignette.

Holiday Hazard – A gift from Jack leads to misfortune for Daniel.

Homecoming – Jack helps Daniel out in an unexpected way

Hook, Line, and Sinker – Jack’s not the only fisherman on SG-1.

Ice Cold Envy – Sometimes we envy the oddest things

Instinct – Jon (Jack’s clone) reacts to a stimulus without thought.

Jack’s Choice – Jack’s reasons; POV vignette from “Lost City”

Jack’s Promise – Daniel’s remark bothers Jack

Reciprocation – Daniel realizes he can’t leave just yet. Post-”Abyss” sequel to “Jack’s Promise”

Just Reward – Cassie may have a secret, but she’s also got good taste.

Law of Averages – You can only beat the odds for so long.

Lifelong Lessons – What exactly do sports teach children, anyway? Well, that depends. (SGA)

Lionheart – Jack makes an interesting observation about Daniel.

Madison’s Moments (SGA)

A Favorite Uncle – Carson lives on.

Pictures of the Soul – Madison Miller’s favorite uncle is still in her life

Graduation Gift – Madison Miller’s big day

Finally – Madison Miller and her favorite uncle finally part ways

Memories Not Made – Every holiday, Teyla learns something new. What will she learn this year? (SGA)

Mere Words – Even your own words can wound you. (SGA)

More Alike Than Different – Generation gap? What’s that?

Most Useful Indeed – Just a little mostly harmless fun on an alien planet.

Mother Hen – Everyone needs some TLC sometimes, whether they want it or not.

No Regrets – Would Sheppard do it again? You bet. (SGA; “Miller’s Crossing” tag)

Nobody Speaks To The Captain No More – A colonel is just a captain all dressed up. (SGA)

Not Alone – Daniel sometimes feels all alone, but he’s not. Not by a long shot.

One Final Moment, Or Two – Jack POV during the final minutes of “Lost City”

Only One Option – Sometimes, there’s only one path that makes any sense at all, and you have to take it, even if it means hurting those you love in the process. (SGA)

Original Addiction – Landry’s garden pays off for Daniel; “Unending” snippet

Oz Revealed – Something’s bothering Daniel, and it’s not just Vala’s pestering.

Painting Perspectives – One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. (SGA)

Pallbearers – Six unlikely companions carry him home. (SGA; tag for “Sunday”)

Parallels – The other side of the table is more similar than you might think. Wallace POV. (SGA)

Players – Jack’s first meeting with Vala leads to an interesting discovery.

Priorities – Jack’s hurting, but there’s no comfort for him.

Prodigy, Interrupted – Rodney receives a very special birthday gift. (SG-1 & SGA)

Purgatory – Jack tricks Daniel well and good. (SG-1 & MacGyver)

Rear Guard – Someone must always watch over those left behind. (SGA)

Resolution – John gets some confirmation that Samantha Carter can handle herself, after all. (SGA)

Revelation – Rodney has a revelation (SGA)

Reversal – Daniel suddenly sees his least favorite song in the world in a new light. (Yes, I finally touched on that certain Elton John song so popular in this fandom. But it’s not the story you think it is. It’s not a Jack POV, for one thing.)

River Logic – Daniel is allowed a good-bye to a special friend before returning to earth.

Similarities – Jack sees a similarity between himself and Burke on a dark night.

Skin Deep – A moment in a night with Jack O’Neill

Skittles and a Dr. Pepper – Just a bit of fun

Sleeping In – Sometimes even a warrior needs a break

Snow Day – Desperate times call for desperate measures. (SGA)

Soldiering On – Jack’s reaction to Reynolds’ update, then Daniel and Teal’c’s view of things. “Death Knell” vignette.

Solo Trip – Jack regrets having a travel companion.

Sometimes – What’s in a name, anyway?

Special Duty – Sometimes, the things we least want to learn end up helping us most. (SGA)

Specialized Vocabulary – Even Daniel Jackson forgets words sometimes.

Star Pupil – How did Carson suddenly become so good in the chair? (SGA)

Symbiosis – There are some things only another doctor can understand. (SG-1 & SGA)

Take Your Chances – Daniel POV throughout “Abyss”

The End of Ice – Just what is Jack O’Neill made of, anyway?

The Strength of Your Faith – Three men find strength in the actions of one woman.

The Warden – Sometimes we do the oddest things for our friends. (SGA)

To Secrets – Daniel knows a few things about Jack

One Good Turn Deserves Another – Jack gives Daniel an interesting gift. Sequel to “To Secrets

Transfer Student – Senior Jon O’Neill looks after a new freshman.

Twitches – A little twitch can say so much.

Unanswered – A late night phone call goes unanswered… or does it? (SGA)

Unfit – Daniel helps Jack deal with the aftermath of the Enkaran mission (minor Jack/Sam UST)

Unintentional Consequences – A storm, some snark, and a practical joke. What’s the best that can happen?

Unsung Heroes – Many of you were intrigued by Master Sergeant Betty Johnson from my story “Delayed Reaction“. This is her story.

Up in the Attic – A lot of kids are afraid of basements. But why would a grown man fear his attic?

Victory and Loss – Teal’c had his son, Jack did not.

Welcome, Brother – A mission gone wrong leads Daniel to a place Jack knows well.

When Push Comes to Shove – A few months after “Miller’s Crossing”, Rodney finds something Sheppard never meant for him to see. Will he understand? (SGA)

Word Play – You know, even linguists forget words sometimes.

Worth Every Minute – Sometimes you just have to do what needs done… and then accept your punishment.

Het Fic

A Surprising Gesture – Daniel surprises Janet (Daniel/Janet)

Acceptable Risk

Acceptable Risk – Even generals get out of the office sometimes. They just need a good reason (Gen)

A Long Road Home – Jack saves a young boy from himself, and Daniel comes home (mostly Gen)

Intuition – Jack has an adventure on a routine day. (Jack/Sam)

Acceptance – Sam and Teal’c discover what friendship really is. (Jack/Sam implied)

Second Fiddle – It takes more skill than I can tell to play the second fiddle well. Companion piece to “Acceptance” Sam/Teal’c (in the “Unending” situation), implied Jack/Sam and Teal’c/Other

A Friend Indeed – A double-drabble Teal’c POV in the last scene of “Unending”; can be seen as a companion to “Acceptance” and “Second Fiddle” (Sam/Teal’c)

Affirmation – Jack POV, from the lab scene in “Evolution” — Sometimes we mean much more than we say.

Blindsided – Jack wasn’t expecting what he felt (Jack/Sam)

Boomerang Love – Something comes back to Jack (Jack/Sam)

To those non-Parrotheads out there, Jimmy Buffett has an album called Riddles in the Sand. It’s not a happy album, but it’s a good one. A while back, I realized just how many songs on said album could be applied to my favorite sci-fi ‘couple’, Sam and Jack. So, a self challenge to write a story for each song on the album ensued.

Who’s the Blonde Stranger? – A night at Jack’s house leads to an interesting discovery.

When the Wild Life Betrays Me – Sam POV after an… encounter… (Sam/Other, Jack/Sam)

Ragtop Day – A simple day for Sam and Jack

She’s Going Out Of My Mind – Jack’s losing the battle to hang on. (Jack/Sam, Jack/Laira)

Love in Decline – Jack seeks comfort after learning about Sam and Pete, and his night is eventful.

La Vie Dansant – A night takes an unexpected turn, then another, and another…

Coast of Carolina – An accident sends Sam down a long road—where will it lead? (Jack/Sam)

Denial – Jack POV vignette/drabble: Jack won’t accept Harry’s warning. “Desperate Measures” tag (Jack/Sam)

Dismissal – Jack POV, last scene of “Reckoning” (Jack/Sam UST)

Double Whammy – Jack gets hit with more than telekinesis. “Metamorphosis” vignette (Jack/Sam)

Ghosts – Can Daniel escape his past to find his future? (Daniel/Vala, Daniel/Sha’re)

Gone. Finished. Dead. – Jack POV vignette during “Entity”. Somewhat of a companion piece to “Two Birds with One Stone” (Jack/Sam UST)

Two Birds with One Stone – Daniel POV vignette during “Entity”. Companion to “Gone. Finished. Dead.” (Jack/Sam UST)

Ok, Jack? – Daniel POV, a few weeks Post-”Entity”. Companion to “Two Birds with One Stone” (Jack/Sam UST)

Grace’s Drabbles – A series of drabbles; alternating POVs within the episode “Grace” (Jack/Sam UST)

Illusion – Sam realizes Pete doesn’t see who she really is. (Sam/Teal’c, Jack/Sam)

Jack O’Neill, Fearless Leader – Jack POV vignette immediately after “Beneath the Surface” (Jack/Sam UST)

Just Another Day – Just another day aboard the Odyssey… or is it?(Jack/Sam UST, Daniel/Vala)

Life Goes On – Sam is in a very dark place after the death of Martouf. Spoilers for “Divide and Conquer”, but not your usual DNC fic. (Jack/Sam UST)

No Witnesses – A very, very dark drabble. Character deaths, Implied (but unspecified) het.

Point Taken – Daniel and Jack have a late night conversation. (Daniel/Vala, Jack/Sam)

Red – John can’t escape a certain color. (SGA; John/Elizabeth)

Ringer – A night out ends badly for Jack, but well for everyone else. (mild Daniel/Janet)

Safe Harbor – A Ficlet… just a tiny piece surrounding Landry’s death in “Unending” (Sam/Teal’c)

Seasons Change – Things can change so quickly. Treasure every day. Character death. (Implied Jack/Sam)

Something to Hold On To – Daniel finds something to hold on to. (Implied Jack/Sam)

Taking Advantage – Jack POV vignette (Jack/Sam)

Two Words – Sam POV vignette, immediately post-episode/during last scene of “Beneath the Surface” (Jack/Sam)

Slash Fic

A Way With Words – Words are Daniel’s strongpoint, but Jack has more skill than he lets on. (Jack/Daniel pre-slash)