28 July 2014

Ancient Musings is pleased to welcome the writing of Hawk50!

Also, Ancient Musings, Vol. I has now timed-out, so those stories—and many more—will be appearing here as time allows. You can still purchase the zine at a reduced cost of only $5!

1 July 2013

Ancient Musings Vol. 1 - Available Now!

It’s here!

Ancient Musings, Vol. I has arrived at last! Featuring 280 pages of stories and art, many of these gems have never been published on the Internet before now. Enjoy gen fic from Cancer, DennyJ, and Eilidh17, Jack/Daniel slash from annO, Carlyn, and Marzipan77, and kid fic by amberfly and Cancer. With artwork from Cleo the Muse, Eilidh17, Magnavox_23, and Pat/Kat, this zine is available in digital format only (PDF). Designed for viewing on computers, tablets, and eReaders, this digital zine has built-in bookmarks and table-of-contents links for each of the stories. (Please note that this zine is not printable, as the resolution is too low for printing.)

Edited by Cleo the Muse.

Best of all, it’s only $10… why not head over to our brand-new zine page and pick one up? We currently accept only PayPal, but we may look into other payment options in the future.

(We haven’t been able to do extensive testing of our new shopping cart feature, so if you encounter a glitch, please let the webmistress know right away: zine [at] ancientmusings [dot] com)

23 May 2013

Ancient Musings Vol. 1 - Coming Soon!

Watch this space, boys and girls! The very first zine from Ancient Musings is on its way, packed with new stories and art!

4 December 2011

Ancient Musings is proud to announce the addition of 48 stories (47 gen, 1 very mild het) by Carrie!

29 November 2011

At long last, we welcome a slew of SG-1 and SGA fics by jackwabbit.

  • 148 gen fics
  • 38 het fics
  • 1 slash fic

Yes, you’re reading that correctly: 187 new stories… and there are more to come!

1 February 2011

Ancient Musings is proud to welcome the works of annO and Baileys!

Coming soon: the collected works of jackwabbit!

16 January 2011

Musings has been completely redesigned! If you’ve bookmarked any of our stories, please update your links.

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